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Joan Blades
"Living Room Conversations"

Showing May 25 - June 14, 2024


“Conversations can heal our lives and change the world for the better.”

Art & Lit is pleased to welcome neighbor and artist Joan Blades to our tiny gallery. When asked what she would like to do with her half-square-foot of Art & Lit gallery space, Joan landed on a combination of her photographs and her recent efforts to help change the world. Check out Joan’s miniature take on this profound topic at our tiny gallery, as well as a few photos of some brief guided Living Room Conversations in action.

About Joan Blades and “Living Room Conversations”:

Living Room Conversations is an open-source project exploring the power of revitalized civil discourse in America. Our vision is a world in which people who have fundamental differences of opinion and backgrounds work together with respect, and perhaps joy, to realize the vibrant future we all desire.

This year the call to action is Trust in Elections . People understand that we are at a dangerous inflection point, hence the fundraiser. Living Room Conversations needs to increase staff to reach out to and support faith communities, libraries, clubs, educational institutions and more.

Living Room Conversations has put up a gallery of photos taken by Joan and we hope you like them so much that you’ll download one and make a contribution.

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