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Julie Ann Accornero
"Pet Portraits"

September 25 – Saturday, October 9, 2021

We’re so pleased to have Julie Ann Accornero exhibiting her beautiful paintings at Art & Lit starting this weekend!

Julie Ann has been painting since she was a young girl. Growing up with a veterinarian as a father meant that she was always surrounded by animals. Her love for them can be seen in her pet portraits, where she captures their heart and spirit in the paintings.

One of the things I loved learning about Julie Ann is that when she has been particularly struck by the sight of a neighborhood pet, that neighbor might later find on their doorstep the gift of one of Julie Ann’s paintings or prints of their own pet. While painting is certainly her profession, obviously love is what drives Julie Ann to make such beautiful art.

Julie Ann lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband Lincoln and her cat, Ruby. Check out more of Julie Ann’s work, as well as rates for custom pet portraits, at her website or on Instagram

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