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Meaghan Marohn
"Berkeley Homes Watercolors"

Showing April 1 - 21, 2023


Meaghan Marohn’s watercolor paintings of some of our lovely Berkeley homes are bringing spring to the gallery!


"Hi, my name is Meaghan! I’m a third year PhD student at Berkeley studying biology. I really enjoy exercising my analytical and creative sides of my brain, so doing watercolor sketches has been a great outlet during the stress of grad school. When I moved here during the beginning of the pandemic, there wasn’t much I could do to explore my new home other than walk around the neighborhoods of Berkeley. I found a lot of beauty in the different houses and gardens and thought it would be fun to try to paint them to commemorate my walks and my time here. These paintings in this Tiny Gallery are just a few of the many beautiful, unique, cozy houses I’ve seen around Berkeley, and I hope to paint more during my PhD. "


You can see more of Meaghan’s art on Instagram

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