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Rachel Perls
"What's All the Buzz About?"

June 24 - July 14, 2023

Rachel Perls is an oil painter and architectural color consultant. While her original oil paintings are quite large (ranging from 36”x60” to 48”x72”), she is tickled pink to showcase them at this miniature scale, visited by flowers’ biggest fans, bumble bees. Her large-scale blossom paintings practically explode off the edges of the canvas. She’s transfixed by flowers’ vibrant colors, swirling twirling petals, and glowing translucent quality. On a deeper level, as Rachel is learning to take up space in the world, these dominant, massive blossoms mirror her inner journey as she and her work evolve together.

While she is clearly obsessed with dahlias and peonies, Rachel is happy to paint your favorite variety, color and size flower. 

You can see her work at  and on Instagram @RachelPerls

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