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Ana "Rita" Guzmán

Showing September 3 – 23, 2022

For our latest show, Rita Guzmán used her amazing talent and creativity to bring to the Art & Lit Gallery a bold and bright display of fine knitting!

Rita attempted her first stitches at five years old with her mother's help, while living in New York City. Unsatisfied with the quality of her childhood work, she paused until her teen years, then picked it up again on her own – this time with great success. She's been knitting ever since.

This show called for something beyond her usual "regular sized" projects. Using size 0000 knitting needles, so thin they are sometimes referred to as “knitting pins,” Rita created nine distinct patterns in miniature. Each of these finished pieces is just 2 ½ inches square.

How wonderful!

Patterns include: “Orchid” in deep red; “Small Arrow Pattern” in red; “Lyre Pattern” in dark orange; “English Mesh Lace” in lighter orange; “Dayflower” in gold; “Spider Stitch” in yellow; “Pine Tree Lace” in light green; “Leaf Shadows” in medium green; “Miniature Leaf Pattern” in dark green. (All patterns from Barbara G. Walker’s ‘Treasury of Knitting’ series.)

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