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Shelley Carlisle
"Magical Desert Landscapes"

September 24 - October 14, 2022

One of Shelley Carlisle’s favorite activities is to load up her tear drop camping trailer lovingly named “HRTEMYS,” and head out on solo road trip expeditions to the grounding and healing landscapes of the desert, canyons, mountains, and beaches. Armed with her zest for adventure and photography equipment, it is in these awesome and mystical spaces where she hunts for the most unique scenes to capture the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature and the Sacred Feminine. Through sharing these photographic images, Shelley hopes to inspire the viewer to step inside a magical place where one has been spiritually transported and can viscerally experience the sublime majesty of the natural world. 

Shelley also employs her photography in myriad of other artworks: cut-out animation, collage, video, and installation, exploring themes and stories of the Sacred Feminine. Nature symbolism, numerology, mythology, and ancient cultures highlighted with contemporary elements are templates to evoke remembrance of our spiritual selves and honor feminine energies and archetypes. She creates meditative environments with her original music and photographs, mirror, film, and projection to inspire metaphorical and literal reflection. 

Shelley is a recipient of the 2021 Mills College Nancy Cook Fellowship Award, a photographic finalist in 2021 & 2022 competitions such as ADC Fine Arts Competition Art Comes Alive, AAP Magazine Colors, and Save The Bay’s annual wildlife photographic contest. She exhibits nationally, currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree from Mills College, Oakland California. 

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