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Yasmeen Bawany

October 15 - November 4, 2022

Yasmeen Bawany was inspired by her mom to enroll in a beginning digital photo class her freshman year of high school at Berkeley High. Soon she realized how captivating photography was and began bringing her camera with her everywhere she went.

Her sophomore year she got her first 35mm point and shoot camera and used it to explore her love for film. Over her summer vacation in 2021 she was able to visit her family in Switzerland and capture the nature and landscape there. One of her favorite photographs is one she took outside of her grandpa’s window while it was hailing and raining. The photo was of the view outside of his window, more specifically a certain tree and landscape surrounding it. In her Junior year, Yasmeen's AP Photography teacher told all of their students to submit work to the Scholastic Arts and Writing competition and Yasmeen’s photograph won the gold medal statewide. The picture is displayed in this show (back wall, center left).

Yasmeen is also taking AP Photography for the second time, since you're able to submit different portfolios to the college board. She is really enjoying furthering her photography skills by exploring new ideas. She recently experimented with double exposures with black and white film.

During Yasmeen's Junior and Senior years she was also a staff photographer on the Berkeley High Jacket newspaper. This sparked her curiosity for photojournalism. Yasmeen would love to double major in Film Photography and English in college. She hopes that one day she will be able to make her own environmental magazine where she gets to travel the world, document new places and people in their familiar habitat and write about the changing climate.

Yasmeen is currently updating her website; if you'd like to contact her please email her at

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